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Motorcycle HID Conversion Kit

Our premium grade motorcycle kits will give you between 300% and 700% more light than a standard 55w halogen, and with a 3yr warranty on our ballasts you can be assured you are getting the best value for your money.


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HID Driving Lights
HID Driving Lights

Motorcycle HID Kits

Why Us? - With over 10yrs experience in the field as automotive electrical professionals, a 3yr warranty on our HID ballasts, and 3500hrs on our HID Bulbs, we guarantee that we can provide extensive knowledge and service in the area of H.I.D. lighting products.

Which Products suit my Bike? - You will either have a Single, Twin, or Triple headlight configuration. You need to tell us which bulbs are in your bike. This will be in your manual, or ask your dealer or local auto electrician to have a look for you, or simply check yourself and confirm the bulb base to us before purchasing. They will usually be H4 H/L bulbs or H7 bulbs.

For some motorcycles, like BMW, the bikes computer may control the lighting so you will need to get a can-bus ballast system.

• Specifications - Slim Digital Ballasts - 3yr warranty - HID Bulbs - 3500hrs life
                   35w - 300% more light than a 55w Halogen, 50% less power
                   55w - 500% more light than a 55w Halogen, same power
                   70w - 500% more light than a 55w Halogen, 50% more power
  Current Draw:
                   35w - 3.5 amps
                   55w - 4.5 amps
                   70w - 5.5 amps

  Ballast Sizes:
                   35w - L84 x H15 x W62 mm
                   55w - L100 x H15 x W62 mm
                   70w - L100 x H15 x W62 mm

• Quality
                    The bulbs have a 3500hr life, the ballasts are slim digital, professional grade, and have a 3yr warranty. The components and technology are from some of the best manufactures in the world (Philips Technology, Siemens, USA chips, Jap parts etc, housings, labour etc...China).

The products are easy fit “plug and play”, but we always recommend an auto electrical professional to fit them.

You can pay by credit card over the phone, direct credit into our account (we email an invoice with the bank details on it), or we can send a PayPal request, or you can pay via paypal below. All prices include GST and Delivery

If you have any questions you can call us direct in Australia on +61438654765) or Email us.

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